Similarity measure of sedimentary successions and its application in inverse stratigraphic modeling
英文关键词:Similarity quantification, Sedimentary succession, Inverse stratigraphic modeling, Global optimilization, Syntactic approach
基金项目:This research financially was supported by Colorado School of Mines, and are supported by the Science and Technology Ministry of China (2016ZX05033003), China Academy of Sciences (XDA14010204) and Sinopec (G5800-15-ZS-KJB016). The Petroleum Science editors and four anonymous reviewers are thanked for their constructive comments and suggestions. WB Zhang and PQ Lian are thanked for redrawing figures.
Taizhong Duan Petroleum Exploration and Production Research Institute, Sinopec, 31 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100083, China 
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      This paper presents a unique and formal method of quantifying the similarity or distance between sedimentary facies successions from measured sections in outcrop or drilled wells and demonstrates its first application in inverse stratigraphic modeling. A sedimentary facies succession is represented with a string of symbols, or facies codes in its natural vertical order, in which each symbol brings with it one attribute such as thickness for the facies. These strings are called attributed strings. A similarity measure is defined between the attributed strings based on a syntactic pattern-recognition technique. A dynamic programming algorithm is used to calculate the similarity. Inverse stratigraphic modeling aims to generate quantitative 3D facies models based on forward stratigraphic modeling that honors observed datasets. One of the key techniques in inverse stratigraphic modeling is how to quantify the similarity or distance between simulated and observed sedimentary facies successions at data locations in order for the forward model to condition the simulation results to the observed dataset such as measured sections or drilled wells. This quantification technique comparing sedimentary successions is demonstrated in the form of a cost function based on the defined distance in our inverse stratigraphic modeling implemented with forward modeling optimization.
Taizhong Duan,2017.Similarity measure of sedimentary successions and its application in inverse stratigraphic modeling.Petroleum Science,(3):484~492.
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